L is for Laramie.

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laramie canva poster png.png

L is for Laramie.


L is for Laramie.

Amelia’s Farm Collection.

The Lullaby Series.

An 11”x17” signed, frame-able, Poster Print of Becky Schlegel’s Original Painting & Poem, “Laramie".

From Donkey Town To Laramie,

I Ride The Open Prairie Free...

I Breathe The Chilly Mountain Air,

While Summer Breezes Whip My Hair...

I See Your Bluffs And Purple Sky,

I Feel My Spirit Soaring High...

Wyoming, You Are Part Of Me,

From Donkey Town To Laramie.

 BSchlegel 2019


It’s A Long Lonesome Highway,

Open Prairie As Far As I Can See..

You Never Were Going My Way,

I’m All Alone & As Far as I Can See,

It’s Just Me...

I’m Broken-Down & I’m Gone To Laramie.



I Think Of You Right Beside Me,

But Winding Rails Is All That I Can See...

Maybe The Moon Can Remind Me,

Your Pretty Smile Is Fading Fast It Seems...

…Away From Me…

I’m Broken Down & I’m Gone To Laramie.

BSchlegel 2019



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