V is for Vic.

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V is for Vic CANVA PNG.png

V is for Vic.


V is for Vic.

Amelia’s Farm Collection.

The Lullaby Series.

An 11”x17” signed, frame-able, Poster Print of Becky Schlegel’s Original Painting & Poem, “Vic”.


I Once Knew A Rooster, Vic Jordan,

Who’d Drive The Old 5 Every Morning…

& His Banjo Ringin’,

Made The Hens Start To Singin’...

The Farmer Would Yodel,

As The Mule Played A Solo…

On That Big Dog House Fiddle,

While The Cow Strummed A Little…

On The Fine Mandolin,

Which Then Made The Old Hen…

Tell Her Really Good Friend,

To Play It Again,

Every Morning...

That Banjo Playing Rooster, Vic Jordan.

 BSchlegel 2019

Vic’s Lullaby.

“Home Again”

I Long For Every Back Road, Every Time I Come Around, This West Virginia Town,

To The Place Of My Childhood, Where Those Memories Are Scattered All Around…

They’re In The Creeks & Summer Breezes, In The Winter Snow That’s Silent On The Ground,

Calling Me, Back To The Home Place, Where I Often Come To Lay My Burdens Down.


Gone Are The Days… Gone With The Old Ways,

We’ll Never See Again…

I May Return, But In This Life I’ve Learned,

We Can Never Go Home Again.


I Long For Summer Peaches, & The Sweetest Berries Growing On The Vine,

& That Old Rusted Gate To Swing On… & To See My Daddy Smile Just One More Time…

That Old House Is Gone Forever, & From Dust To Dust Someday, Forever We Will Be…

With Our Loved Ones Up In Heaven, Where Our West Virginia Home Again We’ll See.



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Vic's Lullaby.