J is for Jocelyn.

Jocelin Quinn.PNG
Jocelin Quinn.PNG

J is for Jocelyn.


J is for Jocelyn Quinn.

Amelia’s Farm Collection.

The Lullaby Series.

An 11”x17” signed Poster Print of Becky Schlegel’s Original Painting & Poem, “Jocelyn Quinn”.

Joccelyn Quinn Played A Mean Violin,

& She’d Take Requests From All Of Her Friends…

A Tune For ‘Po Possum, Called Blackberry Blossom,

For Grandpa Barn Swallow, His Favorite, “Dark Hollow”…

Then A Quick Irish Jig For Penelope Pig,

While Harriet Hawk Loved To Hear ‘Ol Joe Clark…

At Night She Would Follow The Hoot Of Red Owl,

Asking To Play A Soft “Wildwood Flower”…

And As That Sweet Melody Filled The Night Sky,

Our Jocelyn Quinn Bid Her Dear Friends Goodnight.


BSchlegel 2019



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