H is for Herbert.

H is for Herbert CANVA PNG.png
H is for Herbert CANVA PNG.png

H is for Herbert.


H is for Herbert.

Amelia’s Farm Collection.

The Lullaby Series.

An 11”x17” signed, frame-able, Poster Print of Becky Schlegel’s Original Painting & Poem, “Herbert”.


Herbert Mule Went To School One Sunny Day September,

He Took His Lunch, Strawberry Punch, And Tried Hard To Remember…

His Spelling Words, Arithmetic, All The Shapes And Letters.

Then Thought “Wish I Could Play All Day”, This Sunny Day September.


So He Climbed A Hill, Ran Through A Field, & Found That Old Fishing Hole...

To His Surprise, With His Big Eyes, He Saw An Old Fishing Pole!

So, He Drank His Punch, & Ate His Lunch... Fished A Bunch, Then Pondered...

Would Herbert Mule Be Missed At School That Sunny Day September?

BSchlegel 2019

Herbert’s Lullaby.



West Virginia Home.


You Wouldn't Recognize This Place, Seems Like Only Yesterday…

The House That Grandpa Built Was Standing There Upon The Hill,

Now I Listen To The Wind, Close My Eyes And Just Pretend…

All The Voices I Have Known Are There To Welcome Me Back H..ome.


I Hear The Gurgling Of The Creek, Speaking Soft And Clear To Me,

Saying Pappy Visits Here, In The Spring Of Every Year…

Smell The Maple Boiling Down,  Hear That High And Lonesome Sound,

Like A Picture I Can See, Mother, Jim And Pap And Me…


& I Hope I Get To See When I Get To West Virginia,

Where The Smoke Is Rising Still From The House That Pappy Built…

Yes I Know You’re Gonna Be There When I Get To West Virginia,

All The Ones I Love Are There Again To See,,, Mother Jim And Pap And Me.


You Wouldn’t Recognize This Town… But Old Hundreds Still Around…

Though The Years Have Come And Gone 100 More Will Come Along,

And We’ll Fade Into The Past But The Memories Will Last…

And Be Handed Down Again, When We/Re Just Voices In The Wind…


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H is for Herbert CANVA PNG.png