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Her music is original, drawing on the influence of classic country, bluegrass, folk, and her own thoughtful spirit. Becky’s incredible voice floats, whispers then soars above music of the highest quality. She takes her listeners on a musical journey, exploring new places and meeting new people in every song.


Career Highlights.

  • 2016 Inductee into the Legends of South Dakota Country Music Association

  • Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

  • Woodsongs, Old Time Radio Hour

  • Regularly featured on RFD-TV's "Midwest Country"

  • Minnesota Music Awards Recipient

  • Music City Minnesota's Song Of The Year Recipient

  • MBOTMA's Favorite Band/Vocalist 25th Anniversary Award Recipient

  • 5-Time IBMA Songwriter Showcase Participant


Vocals, Guitar, piano / becky schlegel
Steel Guitar, Guitars, Dobro & Banjo / Kenneth Wilson


Opry Lullaby to Radio 2018!

Opry Lullaby Radio Release 2018!

Set the dial & man the waves...


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Specialty Song Service. 

"You are amazing!!! 
You have such a gift to be able to take a life story and place it into song." - L. Gruden
"You are really something else.  I received you songs yesterday and spent hours in tears.  They are, and I can't use any better words than, BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME!"  -B. Carter

Would you like a song written just for you, or for someone you love?  ...to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary, perhaps... or to preserve a family heirloom story...

For a unique way to preserve a memory, create a new memory... or let someone know how much you love them...

it would be my great pleasure to write your story in a song. 

Warmest Regards,  Becky Schlegel

for inquiries... info@beckyschlegel.com

Samples... (Thank you Jerry & Becky for letting me share your story...)