Opry Lullaby

by Becky Schlegel

That Nashville Sound’s Top Albums of the First Half of 2014

Becky Schlegel- Opry Lullaby

This is another one that has just completely flown under the radar of the country music critics and blogosphere. Schlegel’s previous album, Dandelion, was a near-bluegrass piece of work with a little steel in which her Allison Krauss-ish vocals danced around highly personal love stories that ended well and not so well. This time, she uses her passion that she has for old-time country music and builds a concept album to honor the ones that led her down this path in the first place. “Opry Lullaby” opens the album with a tip of the cap to the radio show she grew up with and Merle Haggard and Patsy Cline get their own musical tributes as well. She changes the production this time around to better match the music acts she honors with a much more classic country feel. The result is a gift. It’s an honor bestowed to her heroes that is truly among this year’s best. 

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Red Leaf

by Becky Schlegel


"I don't think anybody would be surprised if Becky became a national act. RED LEAF has that kind of crossover, singer-songwriter production quality that'll appeal to more than bluegrass fans -- if enough people hear the CD, I don't see any way it wouldn't make her a star." 
--Minneapolis StarTribune

RED LEAF is the new album from recently signed Peppermint artist Becky Schlegel. Her previous CD, This Lonesome Song (1998), established Becky and her band True Blue as one of the Midwest's most accomplished and acclaimed bluegrass groups. RED LEAF takes off where Lonesome left off: in a new musical direction blending bluegrass, folk and pop in a style that's all her own. 

Becky was raised in the central South Dakota town of Kimball (pop 700). She has been making music as long as she can remember, from piano lessons starting in kindergarten to joining her mother's professional country band, The Country Benders, to forming True Blue in 1997. Living in the Twin Cities has definitely influenced her music: RED LEAF could easily be described as bluegrass for the adult contemporary set, with Becky's angelic Alison Krauss-like voice rising above her band's skillful picking. 

The first track, "Alabama Sun" is a heartbreaking memoir of a farmer so elderly that no one in his hometown even remembers him. "Little Janie," about a mother who kills her daughter during a flu epidemic, is as morbid as a bluegrass song can get. Becky's songs run the gamut from personal and heart-achey to sweet and homey. 

RED LEAF was recorded at the renowned MasterMix studios in Minnesota. It features the talents of acoustic luminaries Peter Ostroushko, Marc Anderson, and John Niemann. 

Becky's accolades and awards include: 
-Featured artist on Garrison Keillor's popular radio show "Prairie Home Companion" 
-2002 Minnesota Music Academy (MMA) award for Best Bluegrass Artist
-2002 MMA award for Best Bluegrass Album
-2001 MMA award for Best Bluegrass Artist
-2000 MMA award for Best Bluegrass Artist


New Album


For All The World To See

For All The World To See


 “Bound for Tennessee,” the first single from the album, is a vividly written and thoughtfully sung story that will hold its own on any country radio station’s playlist, and please bluegrass listeners too. Schelgel’s voice is a bit in the Claire Lynch/Alison Krauss range, and she can handle lively tunes and well as ballads. If you like either of those two artists, Becky Schlegel deserves your attention.” -Kerry Dexter, Blogger News Network


“This is a CD that can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Musically, you get lost in the notes, tunes, and uncluttered sound, just enjoying the beautiful sounds. Then there are Becky's sweet and pure vocals, which have a touch of Dolly Parton and Alison Krauss, but are still uniquely Becky. Finally, you have the lyrical stories that are told through the music. These are true country songs that tell stories of life, love, loss, and heartache.” Mary Duval, Int’l CM Database


“Her self-penned single (Bound For Tennessee) is a delicate flower with a lilting vocal and gentle piano, steel and guitar notes. Very pretty. “ – Robert K. Oermann, Music Row


“Her unique style is tempered by sentimental lyrics sung with an earnestness that is refreshing. Recalling the style of Jewel, Schlegel’s vocals brighten up this album and each carefully-crafted track.
Becky Schlegel’s For All the World to See is a memorable album, one that should quickly rise, making Schlegel the well-known artist she should be. With a distinct genuineness about her vocals, Schlegel’s heart is in her song, and her band acts as the support she needs to reach one of the highest planes of musicality.” - C.j. Trent, The Celebrity Cafe


“What a deeply satisfying album For All The World To See is from Becky Schlegel. The voice, the songs, the artistry of the musicians, all adds to an album that, simply, is clear, melodic and easy on the senses…Misery never sounded better, as Becky Schlegel sings of betrayal and abandonment. The finery of her songs comes wrapped in a bluegrass mode that is delightfully musical, keenly expressive and emotionally revealing; now, if country radio moves beyond its imposed safety of predictable formats, soon it could be, as her album suggests, for all the world to see. “ George Peden, Country Stars Online




“ Meticulously arranged settings that combine elements of bluegrass and contemporary country/folk in a way that compliments her gemlike songs.” Bluegrass Unlimited


“Bound For Tennessee” -Lyrics about leaving a depressingly small town, beautiful vocals sometimes reminiscent of Alison Krauss, piano rolling in the background, pedal steel edging in and out of the mix - SUPERB! “ - Rodeo Attitude


For All The World To See -In one word this one is "beautiful." – Planet Weekly (Tuscaloosa)


“From the moment I heard this album, I knew I’d found something I’d been searching for. That something is someone who could sing as well as Dolly Parton. Becky Schlegel fits the bill to a tee. Her vocals are simply amazing. Her abilities to soar to the clouds with her beautiful soprano voice is simply mesmerizing. This national release is going to put Schlegel on the top of the list of new artists to watch in 2008. “ (9 out of 10)- Eclectic Cuts


If you’ve ever been in love, if you’ve ever missed someone, or missed home, you will relate to and enjoy this album. It is worthy to be added to your collection. -Gone Country





by Becky Schlegel




"This is her fourth solo CD, and I don’t know how I missed her before. Her new album DANDELION is a dandy. She’s a gifted songwriter with a voice that evokes Krauss or Parton and is a charming singer." - CMT.com


"Fans of such singer/songwriters such as Jewel and Dolly will want to take a chance on this." - Country Weekly


"This is the kind of album that feels more like a friend than a purchase.  She touches you with all her talents and delivers everything you want a top shelf singer/songwriter to bring.  Hot stuff at the top of the organic pile." - Midwest Record


"With a voice that flitters and floats like a wisp on a breeze, her fluttering vocals can hush to a whisper at times and then fly up into a falsetto- sometimes in the same line. The album makes up one of our early favorites of the year.  Sounds like Jewel singing Bluegrass."  - That Nashville Sound
"Her creativity shines on this venture and, unlike many songwriters, Becky’s vocals are strong enough for her to possibly be her songs’ best interpreter.”- Stacy’s Music Row Report


"Her voice raises goose bumps and its beauty reminds us of a young Dolly Parton. Usually accompanied only by sparse instruments applied BECKY SCHLEGEL sings on her new album recording Dandelion by longing, love, passion and loss." - Country Jukebox


"Becky wrote and produced all thirteen songs employing only the best musicians to blend pianos and guitars with mandolins, banjo and steel creating the most gorgeous bluegrass tinged sounds I have heard in quite a while. Though listeners will be thrilled by the instrumental sounds created here it is undoubtedly the beauty of the Schlegel voice that shines through pleasuring the ear whilst warming the heart." - The Advertiser (UK)


"Becky Schlegel is a breath of fresh air in bluegrass and country music.  She is a triple threat who infuses the songs she writes with skillful guitar playing a pure sweet voice that not only tells a story, but makes you feel the emotions tied to those stories.  DANDELION is a winner and an album that should be in every music fan's collection." - International Country Music Database


"The track is so rich in imagery and flavor that it brings to mind the best of Johnny Cash.  Becky's delightfully sweet, neighborly vocals flit magically about the rustic tonal landscape." - Songwriter's Monthly


"Her songs have a stellar rootsiness to them while her gently lilting soprano voice (which can recall Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Jewel at various times) serves her material well. DANDELION is one of those albums you listen to when you’re actually listening as opposed to just driving along to the record.  It’s a brilliantly crafted record that should be appreciated by many people for years to come." - Roughstock

"Becky poetically describes exactly what she's thinking & feeling in each and every song." - Nashville Country Club

"This is an album of many subtle charms.  If she does, quite often, remind one of the young Dolly, Schlegel is a much better, not to say far less syrupy, songwriter." - 3rd Coast Magazine


"DANDELION (Lilly/IGO), (is) a collection of intimately written and performed originals ...  highlighting Schlegel's earnest, soothing vocals." - Nashville Scene


"This album from Becky is a treat for all those listeners wanting something new. One of the most unique country bluegrass sounds heard in this market of music." - Digital Rodeo


"DANDELION draws on influences that range from Judy Collins to Joni Mitchell to Nanci Griffith to Alison Krauss ... even as Schlegel renders herself her own artist with satisfyingly smart meditations on relationships, time and landscape -- all of the songs are her originals -- and appealingly imagined production, courtesy of herself and Brian Fesler."
- Rambles.net





Country Ballads

by Becky Schlegel