Fairest Fawn. 11x14 Framed Linen Print.

fairest fawn 11x14.jpg
fairest fawn 11x14.jpg
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Fairest Fawn. 11x14 Framed Linen Print.


Fairest Fawn.  8x10 Framed Linen Print. 

From "The Lullaby Collection".  

She is a precious treasure hidden in the tall, tall grass...  & even has her own lullaby!  CD with lullaby included. 

"Fairest Fawn, awoke at dawn,
to hugs and kisses from her mom...
& underneath the apple tree,
they ate their breakfast 1, 2, 3...
then through the fields & prairie flowers,
they strolled away the summer hours...
'til Fairest Fawn, fell fast asleep,
to mommy's kisses on her cheek..."  BSchlegel 2017
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